Core Values

Pearl Trust’s Core Values:

1. Clients’ interests always come first. Pearl Trust’s management strongly believes the success of the company will be contingent on ensuring the highest level of service to clients.
2. Uncompromising commitment to excellence. The professional quality of the services rendered and everything that is undertaken always needs to be the best that can be provided.
3. Integrity and honesty are at the heart of business. All services will be rendered in a transparent and honest way. All clients will have constant viewing rights on their bank accounts and in the near future a system will be implemented that will give clients viewing access of their files online as well.
4. Innovation is a must. Pearl Trust will constantly strive to understand and anticipate the rapidly changing needs of its clients and to develop new services to meet those needs in a dynamic and flexible way.
5. No two clients are the same. Pearl Trust acknowledges that each client has different needs and expectations. The services rendered will be tailored to meet the specific interests of each client.
6. Confidentiality is sacred. Pearl Trust strives to ensure their client’s information is kept confidential by implementing stringent systems including a four eyes principle to prevent any possible breaches of confidentiality.
7. Size does matter. Pearl Trust believes in providing personalized services to its clients and prides itself on the fact that many clients become personal acquaintances and even friends. In order to maintain this level of close personal relationship management, Pearl Trust has chosen to always remain a boutique office. Big enough to undertake the largest project that any of its clients could contemplate but at the same time small enough to maintain the loyalty and intimacy that is the essence of her business.